Serron W. Portland, OR

Bob and Efrain are artists in the truest sense. I had a unique project that I had been looking for years to have done. I called all over town and got no where – so by the time I found Efrain and Bob was elated that they would take my project on. I walked in and felt completely taken care of. Its a little hard to explain just how much fun and amazing it was to work with them. They are magical, no kidding. Even though they had not done what I was looking for before they were VERY enthusiastic about giving it a try but they also were sure to make sure it was done correctly and got my approval at each step along the way. In the end I have a beautiful asian piece that I am now able to display on my wall. Frankly, its done even better than I could have ever expected. I am a perfectionist so am not easily pleased however, I not only feel completely satisfied but amazed by their work. Everyone comments on how beautiful it is. Thanks so much! We will certainly be back with more projects in the future!