Jennifer Joyce Art Party, opening October 15th 2017

This collection of oil paintings represents a “return to my roots” in abstract expressionism. I am driven by the desire to create fascinating and refreshing works of art. These new works capture a freedom of form and color that gratify the Muse within.

Art Home Company would like to thank Jennifer Joyce for being our very first gallery show in our new location.

(photographs of the artwork will be shown here after the show)

  1. Joy Sticks 18″x24″
  2. The Cave 18″x24″
  3. The Underneath 18″x24″
  4. Culmination 18″x24″
  5. Moving Blues 18″x24″
  6. Seeds 18″x24″
  7. Unfettered 20″x16″
  8. Uptown 20″x16″
  9. The Grotto 16″x20″
  10. City by the Sea 20″x16″
  11. Inside Out 14″x11″
  12. Fabriano 14″x11″


#8102017 #7-12 8312017